December 27, 2010

New Canon PowerShot A620 with Many Features

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New Canon PowerShot A620 has 7.1 MP resolution and 4x optical zoom and institutions with a more compact design and attractive than its predecessor. You'll love this device, as it takes very good result for the design and photo beauty. Canon PowerShot A620 is to be rotated at a speed of 2 inch LCD screen LCD for around an unusual decision. And with a robust plastic body that is designed to carry more easily.

Canon PowerShot A620 is a camera, the basic functions to create a beautiful image and has a beautiful, compact design has many features, but very easy to use. But if we have a greater capacity of photography, the camera itself which was prepared in a manner that the camera can take a beautiful picture in various situations occur can be resolved.
This device is very useful for us who are often croping photo to make certain portions of our image. With a resolution of 7.1 megapixels, the photos we take the results closer to the expansion can be printed. But of course we have the memory card size and filesize greater. For everyday use, not in terms of interest croping use, we recommend the 3-megapixel resolution, very pleasant to have to 4R 10R (preferably with a fairly light conditions) were printed.
On this camera is also a few programs that are willing to variations in different circumstances be used to obtain good results are available. With the DIGIC II camera so that the speed of autofocus, shutter 0.1detik deceleration reached, the start time and could be quickly turned to another, and precision AF points 9 to us more easily to object-orientation, in accordance with our needs.
Another unique feature is that the screen around and up, turned down can be even behind the line in front of the lens, so for those who have fallen memoto us, we can see the screen LCD, pictures of us when we want to do. The screen on the camera because the size of 2 inches, large enough to see the object to photograph or see the results of our photos. With the ability to be twisted, very useful for a small angle to take photos or other conditions.
camcorder to record these achievements, 480/30fps at 640 ×, a video recording with sound up to 1 gram, and then again could be prosecuted for 1G next.
Canon PowerShot A620 Battery resilience in a very good and cheap. At the time of buying this alkaline batteries are included up to 4 units, but for better endurance performance, we recommend at least 4 units can now be charged NiMH batteries. We recommend you also four NiMH batteries for another backup to an unexpected condition. This camera is good and cheap digital camera best in class.

Specification :
- Shutter Speed 1/2500 sampai 15 detik
- ISO : Auto*, 50,100,200 dan 400
- 7.1 Megapixel Effective
- Resolusi Maximum 3072 x 2304
- 4x Optocal Zoom
- Movie: max 640 x 480, 15fps, with audio, unlimited (max 1G/shot)
- Auto Focus
- Manual Focus
- Remote Control RM-1 Infrared
- 2″ TFT color (115,000 pixels) LCD
- Macro terdekat 25cm
- File Format : JPG
- Video Out NTSC / PAL
- Storage : SD Card, MMC
- Exif 2.2
- Berat 235 g (tanpa battery)
- Ukuran 4.13 x 2.60 x 1.93 in
- 10x playback zoom
- USB 2.0
- Battery : 4x AA Battery
- AF Assist lamp

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