April 8, 2011

Anonymous: Attack Sony and PS3 with DDoS

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Anonymous attacked the Sony site, causing offline. Now the hackers targeted attack on the PlayStation 3.

Sony Site, sonystyle.com and PlayStation site in the United States. The system is decreased at midday.

''We are investigating, including the possibility of the target behavior from outsiders,''said Sony.

Anonymous Internet Relay Chat (IRC) said, Sony is the target of hacker activity. This group has warned that Sony's in an open letter.

The purpose of these attacks to targets of DDoS attacks, to censor information on the product. Sony site are bombarded with so many different computers, which tried to shut down the site.

Sony filed an arrest warrant against Hotz, known as Geohot, a hacker. Sony denied access to social account Hotz and IP address on his personal website, as well as PayPal account to collect information about the donors.

Anonymous attack PayPal, Visa, MasterCard last December supported WikiLeaks.

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