May 6, 2011

FluPhone, Application for Monitoring Flu

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Mobile application can monitor the flu. FluPhone developed by researchers at University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory.

FluPhone equipped with an application to talk to one another, to record how much each subject of the infected in an epidemic of imaginary phone.

FluPhone using Bluetooth technology, to record the interaction between the volunteers involved in the study.

Lead researcher, Professor Jon Crowcroft and Dr. Eiko Yoneki declare the data collected from mobile phone users who get the flu could be used to simulate social interaction.

"The data shows the structure of complex networks to understand the spread of disease," said Prof Crowcroft, quoted by The Telegraph.

Prof. Crowcoft
perform traditional epidemiology, to monitor how the disease spreads by asking the patient to maintain movement and social contacts.

May, you can free download FluPhone from another site.

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