July 12, 2011

Fujitsu Shows off Next Generation Color digital e-Paper Module

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Fujistu has used the International Digital Publishing Expo to demonstrate its next-generation color digital paper module. The technology, which is made possible through the use of cholesteric liquid crystals, has made significant strides in its latest incarnation. Its writing speed has improved to 0.7 secs, while it can still display 4096 colors.

The advantage of using cholesteric liquid crystals is that they do not require polarizing or reflecting plates, color filters or backlights. This helps the 8-inch module on display weigh in at just 226g while delivering excellent battery life. It has a pixel density of 157 dpi and can cover 20 percent of the NTSC color space.

The display uses a build of the Linux OS to run the device and is capable of supporting JPEG, PDF and ePub formats. [Source: electronista.com]

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