July 25, 2011

Nokia N9 MeeGo released on August 19?

Posted at 7:19 PM by admin
After releasing the video in 9 seconds, still not sure when the release of Nokia N9 MeeGo. But from a website of a retailer, N9 will be released on August 19 and can be ordered from now for $ 686.

MeeGo is Nokia's flagship operating system created to combat the Android and iOS. Nokia has a phone that will be prepared to run Meego. The phone has audio support for Dolby Digital Plus and can be used as a mobile payment device with the features of NFC (near field communication).

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Krevel said...

Can't wait. This is by far the best cell phone to come out of Nokia, Perfect hardware and perfect OS that is MeeGo. Too bad Nokia is stupid enough to make this the last such good smartphone. All others will be with terrible OSes like Symbian and even worse Windows Phone :(

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