July 29, 2011

Olympus SP-810UZ: Compact Camera with Highest Zoom

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Would you like to travel and capture images with a high quality camera. Olympus has released a new camera, "Olympus SP-810UZ™". Olympus claims the camera as a compact camera with the highest zoom.

Olympus SP-810UZ has a 14 megapixel image sensor with a 24-864 mm, f/2.9-57 optical zoom lens, can provide up to 36X superzoom and 720p HD video recording. The camera is also capable of producing 3D images and has a 3-inch LCD.

"Olympus SP-810UZ is the camera with a zoom capability olympus is the best on the market," says product manager for Olympus Imaging America Inc., Jennifer Scmell.

Olympus is only available in black and go on sale in September 2011.

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