July 28, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Skin Future Phone (S3 concept)

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Samsung Galaxy S2 is the thinnest phone with a thick 8.4 mm. Dan Yankodesign tried to design Samsung Galaxy S3 concepts with exceptional thinness. This concept was created by Heyon You, could make the Sony watches concept, which turned into mobile phones and laptops with flexible OLED touchscreen technology.

Concept Galaxy S3 is expected to use the flexible OLED touchscreen technology. Galaxy S3 is used for video calling and can be converted to digital watches and radios.

He expressed the use of flexible AMOLED technology with polymer elcktro activity that can make easily make changes physically.

Heyon also managed to make the specifications of the Galaxy S3 complete with dimensions and size of mobile phone networks. However Heyon hope AMOLED screen 4-inch dimension, whereas in the Galaxy S2 wearing super AMOLED screen with a size of 4.3 inches.

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