July 18, 2011

Samsung to launch a 5.3 inch tablet/phone

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There’s a thin line between a smartphone and a tablet these days. And I’m not entirely sure which side the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Q falls on. According to a report out of Korea, Samsung is preparing to launch a device with a 5.3 inch screen that will fall somewhere in between the company’s Galaxy S line of smartphones and Galaxy Tab line of 7 to 10 inch tablets.

According to the report Samsung will introduce at the IFA trade show in Berlin in September.

A device with a 5.3 inch display might be a little large to fit in your pocket, but it’s definitely more portable than the company’s larger tablets — while still offering a bigger screen for watching videos, playing games, or surfing the web.

Unfortunately there’s no information available at the moment about the screen resolution, processor, or operating system — although Android seems like a safe bet.

Samsung has also introduced a line of Galaxy Player devices with 4 and 5 inch screens recently. These devices also blur the lines between phones and tablets by offering many of the features of a phone (including a relatively small size) without the phone capabilities.

But let’s face it — at this point, consumer tablets and smartphones tend to have similar processors, storage capacities, touchscreen technologies, and even operating systems. The only real difference is that phones make phone calls. It’ll be interesting to see whether Samsung positions the Galaxy Q as a phone or a tablet… but my guess is if it makes calls people will call it a phone. If not, then it’s a tablet. [Source: liliputing.com]

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