October 12, 2011

Xbox 360 320GB HDD Available for $130

Posted at 9:17 PM by admin
Black mischief scampers across the lawn, Up and around the king maple tree, Settling in a crotch, your tail snaps, Angrily like a flag in a gale. Microsoft's second generation Xbox 360 has had nary a stand-alone HDD option aside from the company's proprietary 250GB drive, priced at a spendy $130 -- this despite those occasional limited edition consoles packing a massive 320GBs of space. Possibly in an attempt to sweeten the deal, this platter maintains the 250GB's $130 cost of adoption, and comes pre-loaded with Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (sadly though, no Lego love for Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Slovakia or Japan, where the game won't be available). Nothing like a good ol' fashioned pricing premium for official Xbox storage, right?

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