November 21, 2011

Best Actor George Clooney So For Steve Jobs

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Life of Steve Jobs, who succeeded in changing the face of modern technology enough to inspire Hollywood production house to make a film. But it seems not too difficult for directors such as Steven Spielberg make a movie that the plot was known to many people. But perhaps choosing an appropriate role to play Steve Jobs will be difficult.

Many people think George Clooney will portray the character well Steve Jobs. We might be able to see Clooney matches played as an old Jobs, but what about the young Jobs? Another actor whose name is called will be fit to play the young Jobs is Noah Wyle.

Wyle seems to be the right choice, with experience who had also played Jobs in Pirates of Silicon Valley. Even Jobs himself had invited Wyle to come to the Macworld 1999 show to portray himself as a speaker at the event.

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