November 30, 2011

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion coming soon in March 2012

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In previous writings we have heard of the presence of the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion. A development undertaken by the RIM BlackBerry to be aiming to perform better. From the source is obtained, the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion will soon be present at the end of March next year, and while the beta version will soon be present in January.

Not only for BlackBerry, Mobile Fusion can also be applied to IOS devices and Android, RIM drastically expand the number of devices that can be managed per server with Fusion Mobile. In their tests the Fusion system can handle up to 10,000 devices per server.

There is no official price on this, yet to be announced but will be "very competitive", Fusion server will fully support virtualization and can share SQL server with BES 5.0.3 server, and BBX QNX platform that will become the next platform from RIM will still be able to walk with the use of this BlackBerry Mobile Fusion.

It is also interesting to see the presence of this BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, if they could return to face tough competition in the technology field is increasingly hard.

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