November 29, 2011

Casio TRYX EX-TR100

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In recent years, camera Casio has been able to do the transformation in terms of design to meet the photography needs of users. Not only stylish, but also functional by utilizing the body groove that always makes the Casio camera feels comfortable in the hands. It was also seen in the Casio Exilim EX-TR100 Tryx with the nickname that could steal the attention of visitors of the ICS in 2011 and then with the frame design and an LCD screen that can rotate 360 degrees. Not only the design that make this camera is different, but the quality of digital photos if HDR was able to produce dramatic pictures for class pocket camera.


What do you expect from a pocket camera classmate who always explores design tiny, thin and lightweight are easy to put in your pocket? That statement may sound standard. But in reality, various parusahaan renowned camera makers like Canon, Nikon and Leica though still not be separated from the mainstream pocket cameras as above. The presence of a very phenomenal Casio Tryx is certainly quite astonishing many parties.

Design limitations successfully broken Casio pocket camera with an LCD screen adopts frame that can serve as an arm of the camera to stabilize the image on the lower light or just to lean on the table when you want to take pictures with friends. Tryx lens that can rotate between the frames, making it very appropriate to do the recording yourself with an LCD screen that can rotate 360 ​​degrees.

Tryx unique mechanism may not be followed by its competitors in the class pocket camera. But unfortunately, these steps have been followed for many SLR camera makers are adopting LCD screen rotates more or less similar to the Tryx.

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