November 28, 2011

Change Instagram with Wall Art

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Who does not want to have Instagram account, although it does not have an iPhone. And for iPhone users at least have a photo application of this filter on their Apple device. But this time there's one more thing that might be used as "advanced" for users Instagram. Wall art offers a solution. After taking a picture through the iPhone and use filters of Instagram, now we can put it as a work of art that is "more."

A collection of photo wall, that is what is called wall art, which originated from the photos that we filter the Instagra, CanvasPop is a provider of this service. We can print images with a size of 12x12 inches Instagram $ 29.95. Or with a larger size, 20x20 inches with a price of $ 59.95.

CanvasPop even have their own tricks to Instagram photos can be printed on canvas with good quality but still wearing the original 612x612 pixels with 72dpi. Want to change the artwork from Instagram be more?. Perhaps the meaning wall could be one solution that fits.

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