November 22, 2011

Facebook Messenger for Windows 7

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Facebook now starting to allow a group to conduct a limited test for the new Messenger download Facebook for Windows 7 desktop version. It provides access to Chat, Ticker, and Notification. Facebook currently looking for and measure the user's facebook on this desktop in real-time. A feature that can make users can enjoy all day without having to open a web browser. Facebook messenger for windows it might be popular, given that Facebook integrates Windows Live Messenger desktop client that allows us Chat with friends.

Facebook this summer, has released the Messenger Facebook application for IOS, Android, and BlackBerry as a new service to Chat. Through the Facebook Messenger, Facebook tries challenged instant messages, SMS and even email. However, none of the other Messenger clients including the Ticker, which displays the link back to

By combining and Ticker Chat, Facebook users can connect to the communications system which produces a large volume and get the users often return to the site by clicking through a link Ticker and notices. With the presence of Facebook Messenger for users of Windows 7, it will connect all the users only through a desktop pc. The plan, this will be introduced officially in 2012.

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