November 23, 2011

HomeScreen Missed Calls: Wallpaper for BlackBerry

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Since OS 4.7 was introduced, so many different kinds of applications are present. One is to change the look of the homescreen and wallpaper. ToySoft try to continue it and bring the application that is named homescreen Missed Calls. In this application we can see all the display missed calls from the home screen and each of us to change your wallpaper, or any where else we enter the menu.

Not only that, we can also enjoy in detail, such as date, time and phone number are entered in each image the wallpaper on this application. The most cool thing is we can choose a variety of wallpaper that is provided as background and can still enjoy the features of this application despite changing the wallpaper.

For those of you who want to use this application can be directly to the AppWorld, and you must be using OS 6.0 and above to be able to enjoy these applications. Now when you're too busy to forget about the BlackBerry device or frequently changing the wallpaper, then any incoming calls will always remind you with the presence of Missed Calls notification of this homescreen.

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