November 29, 2011

iCam for iPhone

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Apple is currently designing new concepts about the next generation iPhone. This time, a concept created by ADR Studio, explains why the next iPhone or iPhone that is currently thought to 5, will make the world of photography to be changed. But before that refer to a "toy" of ADR Studio about the presence of ICAM, for the iPhone.

The first is the TV industry, Apple is expected to be better next year, the second is like the iPad tablet computer kehadran. Third, Jobs seems to want to revolutionize the photography industry. The third thing is covered by ADR Studio. Already, many of us have a digital camera to replace our iPhone (iPhone 4). However, Steve Jobs wanted to create something more, changing the photography industry.

ADR concept study, they call the "ICAM" seemed to have seized the attention to make it as an iPhone accessory that includes a lens and a few physical buttons. And tried to continue the vision of Steve Jobs. This accessory also appears to initiate a user interface on the iPhone handset itself, some of the features developed by ADR Studio is: the presence of up to 10 megapixel resolution, compatible with Siri, LED Flash, presenting iMount System, Bluetooth, Full HD capabilities, and others.

It seems really interesting, from an accessory, to the emergence of a wide range of features, Apple products like the iPhone could indeed change the photography industry.

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