November 21, 2011

iPhone 4S Success in Graphics& Web Browser

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Not yet released, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been running through the challenges of AnandTech. The challenge is to collect all the devices tested smarpthone and web browsing. Galaxy Nexus smartphone that uses Google Sunspider Javascript benchmark 0.9.1 and Rightware Browsermark succeeded in becoming the top, the second followed by the iPhone that is running IOS 4S 5. Third place, won by Droid RAZR that uses Gingerbread Os. But at least it was successful enough, given earlier, if speed web browser, iPhone or iPhone 4S 4 could be in third position.

The results of this conclusion makes Galaxy Nexus emerged as the fastest if you measured the speed of web browsers. Meanwhile, the CPU side of this is comparable to Apple A5, although a higher core clock of 800MHz feels we can see in the iPhone 4S. Galaxy Nexus is a real advantage Google has obviously done a lot of optimization of the browser in ICS as performance now better than even the Honeycomb.

For business graphics, Apple devices, such as iPad and iPhone smartphones 4S champion than other competitors. iPhone 4S has a GPU that is very supportive, while other smartphones have had a lot of GPU-weighted to provide a good experience. All this data is not always applicable in the real world full of different data networks and of course a variety of applications in respective smartphones. But at least it could become a benchmark for us, before wisely choosing a smartphone or a gadget which feels right.

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