November 23, 2011

iPhone use NFC

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After conflicting rumors about whether the iPhone 4S will use Near Field Communication (NFC) is still an issue, this time a report from Digitimes says that Apple is rumored to be one of the vendors are still expected to introduce NFC enabled as a software operating system (and thus hardware) in 2012.

The entry of Apple as one of the NFC in the iPhone user next year allowing the prevalence of technology in the smartphone industry will increase from approximately 10% and more, up to 50% within two to three years later.

Like Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and Bada has supported NFC (Near Field Communication) as well as with Microsoft's plans phone through windows and through the support of Apple's IOS. The proportion of NFC enabled smartphones in 2012 quickly will increase 10%, and will reach 50% within two to three years, later.

The issue of standardization of NFC has become one of the issues slowing adoption of technology, but with 45 wireless carriers including AT & T and Verizon are also said to have agreed on the use of NFC. Justify the next iPhone will also use this NFC technology?. Let's wait, whether the rumor is just a warm conversation, or indeed will be present for the next iPhone.

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