November 22, 2011

Kinect for Windows

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Motion control capabilities of Microsoft kinect voice feature seems to be coming soon and will be used l Xbox 360 games. Microsoft revealed plans to release a new Kinect hardware designed specifically for Windows. The new device is a hardware component that is optimized for the PC and will be available in early 2012.

Optimizing hardware Kinect to use the PC will involve some adjustments, such as shortening the USB cable to ensure connection is connected with all types of computers as well as including a small dongle to make the device more easily connect with other USB devices.

Kinect Software for Windows this must first be mealui tweak the process to activate the camera, and then to see objects as close as 50 cm in front of the device, or about 1.5 meters. This is a mode which will be further developed.

Kinect for Windows this will be introduced commercially in 2012. Microsoft has released Kinect SDK for Windows in beta for. We wait for next year, what kind of display windows Kinect for this.

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