November 22, 2011

Lenovo Android Tablet 5 Inch 'IdeaPad or Lepad'

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Lenovo is reportedly being worked on and present 5 inch tablet with Android OS. Why is 5 inches?. This turned out to be more efficient for users later on. The tablet is intended to allow users to pocket it rather than put it into your purse or wallet. Previously Lenovo is also expected to show a tablet-sized 10.1-inch Lenovo IdeaTabTablet called it will rely on the Tegra processor malignant quad core 3.

These tablets will be using the name Lenovo IdeaPad or Lepad. The tablet is described as having a USB connection and HDMI. Other features which are expected to attend this tablet Lenovo will support voice calls over the data connection.

It looks like a tablet with Android OS competition more exciting course. Because previously there are two vendors are also working on the tablet with a tablet with a screen size of 5 inches.

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