November 30, 2011

Nexian Maxi NX A725

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Nexian endlessly re-create a buzz in the sales program. This time in order to introduce to consumers the newest products MAXI S Nexian - NX A725. Products with this android operating system introduced to the consumer for the first time.

Android technological advantage is increasingly in demand, making the S Nexian re-introduce the product S Nexian MAXI with the "Big Screen 3.95" HVGA capacitive with multitouch. Android technology platform that carried the 2.2 Froyo so that makes this phone the ability of the more alluring. Dual simcard phone is in GSM network 900 / 1800 MHz with a data connection via GPRS / EDGE.

Besides the technical advantages possessed specifications, this phone also comes with attractive features and applications such as: Blackberry Messenger, Online News (CNN, TIME Magazine). For Facebook applications already adjusted to the operating system in use that is Facebook for Android, Foursquare, OperaMini, Yahoo! Mail. facility Youtube was already on the support in this phone. Not only does it make who like traveling there facility Maps and Wheater.

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