November 30, 2011

Nielsen : Android number 1, Apple device at 'Top'

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Nielsen, a leading research institution and is always used as a benchmark for customer satisfaction competition result just a data update. This time more specific with doing research in the United States, about the use of smartphones. On the performance of each vendor in the third quarter of 2011 was. Nielsen Survey said: 44 percent are mobile phone subscribers in the U.S., 71 percent have Android or iPhone device. In addition, 56 percent of all purchases during the third quarter mobile phone is a smartphone.

It is probably not a big surprise, given that some previous survey also said that the iOS and Android become the favorite choice., Android is still number one for the affairs of OS smartphones while Apple is under them. While specific to still perched firmly on top as the leading producer with 28 percent. How with device and operating system (OS) other?. From the chart above you can see it.

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