November 27, 2011

SpeedLock apps for BlackBerry

Posted at 7:32 PM by admin
Now no need to manually lock your BlackBerry device by pressing the keypad first, or open the lock by pressing the top button on the BlackBerry. SpeedLock applications can now do it for you BlackBerry users. Automatic and easy. SpeedLock we can quickly lock your device, then use Glide is simple to open the slider to unlock the BlackBerry device, then just slide your finger to open.

This application is able to configure the BlackBerry line with a more flexible way. Some of its features include using the touch screen quickly or automatically lock the screen on the BlackBerry, is designed to display the screen lock button on the display background, able to optimize the performance of your BlackBerry without having to reduce your BlackBerry battery life, and others.

This application you can get directly in appworld. And you have to use OS6.0 up in advance to be able to use this application.

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