November 30, 2011

Windows Phone 7 play at iOS & Android

Posted at 8:53 PM by admin
Micrsoft seem to want to "open up". This time if we are curious as to what the hell the concept of windows phone?. We can use it from IOS or Android device. Coders in Redmondpie gives us an alternative to. By visiting addresses in on one device in the IOS or Android browser, we can get the emulation of Windows Phone 7.

Coders from Redmondpie tried this in the iPhone 4. Demo display windows phone will allow us to see the different Windows screen and direct us to the phone, email, text and calendar. Unfortunately, the link will not work from a computer browser for some things like the chrome on windows. This Redmondpie coders try it via the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S2.

How about you?. Interested to try?. Please click the link through a web browser of a smartphone device that uses the IOS and Android you.

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