November 29, 2011

ZipClik for BlackBerry, safe your data

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How does it feel when looking for a secure communication channel by using a BlackBerry?. Armwest today announced the release of an application that is named ZipClik in BlackBerry App World. ZipClik securing and encrypting phone calls, instant messaging, data transfer, and VOIP communications up to 256 bits.

The software works by providing AES 256 key Encription, at the time of the message, conversation or file transfer begins. In addition, the scope of the exponential occurs when the receiver data stream utilizing Zipclik while on the opposite side. ZipClik can make the communication process through the BlackBerry running as well as military equipment, safe from hacking.

Release of the statement that disampikan that this application will be present at appworld. But if we go in and look at appworld we can not find it. Probably was nearly there, and if you want to make all your communications more secure by using a BlackBerry, ZipClik application can be a solution. BlackBerry addition, this application will also be coming soon to the iPhone and the iPad. If you're still wondering about this application, can be directly to the website ZipClik.

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