December 14, 2011

Apple UI iOS concept

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Apple is rumored to have hired the designer behind a number of UI concept of IOS, including fast application switcher and dynamic icons that access different elements of an application, Jan-Michael Cart is confirmed to be working on an art display of Apple products, and the possibility of IOS and OS X for Mac.

In the concept of switching applications, for example, rather than double-clicking the home button and then choose from a row of icons, this time considering the user presses the home button and then simultaneously swiping left or right on the touch screen, to make the application can run.

Cart icon tell a system where the application can show not only the amount of notification of an application. Apple may also be interested to give some ideas to his team's UI IOS, such as changing the display theme in some of the mobile platform. It is also interesting UI concept developed by Apple.

Let's wait, whether it is present in Apple's new device or can be obtained through the updated version. Curious as to what about the concept?

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