December 13, 2011

BenQ GH700 with Tele Lens

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BenQ seems to be more serious in making cameras for a variety of camera user market segment. Although BenQ has not had a line-up camera for professional photographers, BenQ least try it with the release of super-zoom camera 21x optical zoom. Equipped with BSI CMOS sensor for low-light performance and a variety of exciting features, making this camera particularly suitable for enthusiast photographers.

With the combination of high quality materials and innovative technologies, GH700 able to produce realistic images with high resolution and sharp images in rich colors. GH700 will record video in full HD 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second which produces video images the subtle transitions and sharp.

To improve the quality of the audio, BenQ equip this camera with a built-in wind cut that will minimize the background noise. Button built-in video recording has also been prepared to facilitate the recording process without a single moment is left behind.

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