December 9, 2011

BlackBerry 10 without Trackpad

Posted at 6:57 PM by admin
Surely you've heard the rumors about BlackBerry smartphones 10 that reportedly will be released in 2012. This rumor was nearly proved right with the advent of the BlackBerry and BlackBerry Loncon Milan. Visible BlackBerry 10 will use the code name of the city name in the world. But what is not seen by us is the existence of a trackpad or trackball button that you normally see on your BlackBerry smartphone.

And this button is exclusive to BlackBerry users, because only RIM who has patents on the key. RIM might have been anticipated by using the touch screen on all BlackBerry devices 10. But in our opinion will not take long for the fuel mania to realize its trackpad button has disappeared from the BlackBerry.

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