December 15, 2011

Call Reminders for BlackBerry

Posted at 7:23 PM by admin
Call Reminders is an application that shows a record of Finmouse contact during a reminder phone call and available for Android and BlackBerry. More recently, the application is updated with new user interface, a reminder call records 6.5 and some other features.

Reminders will appear on the screen during the call and will be automatically deactivated after speaking with. Reminder notes can also be set to remain active even if when we cancel or reject the call. On the BlackBerry, we can make notes directly from the call list stored.

After the call, the user can set a reminder note on this application, even when their contact numbers are not stored on our BlackBerry. In this application we can also edit the note and also the time available. This application can be obtained directly in AppWorld, and you should be using OS 5.0 onto the first.

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