December 16, 2011

Dell: Stop Netbook, Focus for Ultrabook

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Netbook is a kind of alternative to laptops because they tend to be smaller, thus allowing for more mobility if all we want is more flexible, simple, and also refers to certain activities only.

But it looks like under the pressure of the ever growing popularity of the standard ultrabook, Dell has seemed to have backed away from making these mini laptops. According to Dell that the company no longer makes netbooks for consumers, nor are they will release a new netbook based on Intel platforms Trail, and basically states that the company is no longer interested in pursuing a business netbook.

Dell Marketing Director Alison also said "Slim and Powerful is a future design for us. This suggests that Dell will be releasing their own ultrabooks in the future. With research showing that netbook sales continue to decline and with a 40% reduction in netbook shipments in Q3 of 2011, it seems Dell has indeed been switched on Ultrabooks.

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