December 18, 2011

E-Reading Scoop app for Samsung

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Scoop, a digital content applications with format e-Reading now present on all new Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets of the future and Samsung in Indonesia. Developed by Foundry Apps, Scopp claims to have more than 1,500 digital edition content ranging from Forbes to Maxim comes in a variety of digital devices, and times Scoop collaboration with Samsung. Willson Co-Founder of App Foundry says that now Scopp been profitable from the business side. That is quite remarkable considering Scopp only operating in Indonesia for the time being and when the penetration of smartphone / tablet has not been too good penetration in Indonesia.

Willson also said the current scoop eReading by focusing on Indonesia, but we are still in discussions with Samsung to make it deeper. "So far Scopp alone cover nearly 70 percent of magazine titles in Indonesia, and I think it's one of the main reasons why Samsung has chosen us. ", He said.

During this Scoop was present for the version of Apple, as seen in the iPad. And enter the result. How to Scoop when present on the Samsung?. Maybe for you Samsung users can try it. Samsung Apps on the link.

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