December 9, 2011

Instagram & Tiny Tower: Favoritely on iTunes

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One of the things that makes the iPhone superior hardware in addition to the composition of the super, time is the greatness and comfort while playing a variety of applications. Be it games, social media or whatever. Rewind iTunes that contains the applications and games to play throughout 2011 IOS-based devices has been announced by Apple.

Photo sharing application, Instagram managed to become the favorite choice of Apple's iPhone applications for the year 2011. As for the game, however, lies in the game Tiny Tower. Maybe for next year, Infinity Blade II gaming may be the most favorite games. Here's a list of the most favorite apps in iTunes, both free and paid so far this year, for the iPhone

Paid Favorite Applications for the iPhone
1. Angry Birds
2. Fruit Ninja
3. Angry Birds Seasons
4. Cut the Rope
5. Tiny Wings
6. Angry Birds Rio
7. Words With Friends
8. + Camera
9. Doodle Jump
10. Plants vs. Zombies

Free your favorite applications for iPhone
1. Facebook
2. Pandora Radio
3. Words with Friends Free
4. Angry Birds Free
5. Skype
6. Netflix
7. Angry Birds Rio Free
8. Groupon
9. Fruit Ninja Lite
10. Twitter

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