December 14, 2011

Install Angry Birds on BlackBerry PlayBook

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Games that had been long enough but still loved by young and old. If we usually play Angry Birds on a PC, Android and IOS, now users can enjoy the BlackBerry Playbook.

But maybe do not search on a BlackBerry appworld because you certainly will not find a game Angry Birds. So how?

A little info: certainly not the official release for the BlackBerry Playbook. So do at your own risk. When something happens like the death total.

The following tips:
  • Turn on the Playbook, go into development mode. Here's how: go to settings Playbook> Scroll to the bottom select the "Security"> choose "Development Mode" and activate, you will be prompted to enter a password. Remember! Do not forget the password you created it
  • Download the file to your PC here Angrybirds
  • Make sure you have Java Run-Time Environment installed into the computer. If not installed, download it here
  • Download and install software DDPB (Dau Den Playbook Installer). This application helps to install the file AngryBirds Playbook. Download it here. If you already run its DDPB
  • Connect the Playbook to the computer using Data Cable. After DDPB open, it will ask Playbook IP address and Password. To see the IP Address in Development Mode Playbook make sure the switch already. Then look at the home screen Playbook, look at the top right corner of the icon image. Then enter the password that was created earlier. After that click on the option DDPB to find the file that was downloaded earlier. After that click install. When finished, unplug it from the Playbook from the PC and turn off the Developer Mode.

If these steps Bena, then the game Angry Birds will appear on the homescreen.

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