December 2, 2011

Latest Apple Technology

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Apple recently demonstrated to a patent which reveals a new method to establish communication between nearby devices for data exchange purposes. In these applications, Apple's proposed use of the camera and identification systems like barcodes or which allows the device can recognize each other. But definitely this is not an NFC technology that reportedly will be the benchmark number of smartphones in 2012.

As an example of Apple's patents each device can display a sign that identified from images taken by other devices. A "key" digital that can then be used to communicate securely between the two devices and share information. Apel explain a number of settings where the user may want to quickly establish secure connections between devices, from social networking, gaming or online shopping. Apple also explains how users can quickly log into the device like a computer using a digital process, which starts from other devices like the iPhone.

So basically now just to bring a Mac laptop and Apple iPhone have a unique digital communications. But not Apple's name, if not a surprise after surprise. We'll wait.

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