December 5, 2011

Latest BlackBerry BBX Released

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As we quoted from CrackBerry, RIM plans to release a BlackBerry with OS BBX next year. This year after RIM released the BlackBerry 9790 and BlackBerry 9380, you should immediately save for preparation replace your BlackBerry to the latest in 2012.

As we already know, that rumors of the first BlackBerry device that will be launched as a BlackBerry London who he said had just changed its name to the BlackBerry Surfboard. Because it is still a rumor, no one knows the truth, even though it was leaked some pictures of the BlackBerry London. The plan will be released in 2012 primarily to the operating system and adopt Touchscreen BBX. Rumors saying that London is going to release in mid 2012. Hopefully later in the CES to be held in January 2012 in Las Vegas will be on display for the first time.

But that was then a first device and maybe that will release at least rumor has prepared RIM Device other BBX. Namely: BlackBerry Lisbon, BlackBerry Milan, BlackBerry Nevada and BlackBerry Black Forest.

Rumors also say that the BlackBerry Milan will appear after the BlackBerry London. Milan seems to be based on CDMA, due to code themselves Milan internal using code R071 and R072 London. So London is GSMnya version.

For BlackBerry Lisbon to this rumor is still confusing. Is touchscreen, QWERTY or slider like the Torch 9810? But be sure to use the OS BBX.

For BlackBerry Nevada, according to rumors is the successor of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 Touch. So a QWERTY keypad with a touchscreen but using OS BBX. Hopefully some changes can happen here as made larger screen for example. Since 9900 when the touchscreen on your finger big enough uncomfortable.

Then there are the BlackBerry Black Forest last. Rumored BlackBerry Playbook but this is expandable with a 10 inch screen size. Whether what design because until now there is no leak pictures. But with a size of 10 inch should be more exciting because the screen becomes much greater.

Rumors also say that the latest BlackBerry with OS 7.0 may not be able to upgrade to the BBX. But there will continue to upgrade for users of OS 7.0. Until now, even the OS has a lot of info leaked to 7.1. Likely there will be OS 8.0? or maybe a BlackBerry with OS 7.0 can be updated to BBX? No one know for sure

It looks like the BlackBerry with BBX interesting to wait. Hopefully all the rumors above can become a reality.

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