December 4, 2011

Nexian Cosmic Journey A-892 Review

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If you are lovers of the phones of Nexian, maybe you had to wonder about the S logo on the front of the name Nexian. It turned out that the S logo is an abbreviation of the word switch-up, which means up to a higher level. Nexian promised logo will inspire them in making the best products such as Nexian Cosmic Journey to the series A-892. Nexian is undertaking a campaign in the use of Android phones to improve the quality of the experience of the mobile phone lovers across Indonesia Nexian. We guarantee you will love this phone so the logo Nexian greet.


Nexian Cosmic Journey has a dimension which is quite comfortable in the hand. With a weight of 118 grams, it will not make your hands tire more easily when playing various games on the Android phone. Layer of black matte finish with silver strip at the edge, sporting an impressive display of this phone is suitable for young children. Of 3.5-inch screen with HVGA capacitive technology adds exclusively at Cosmic Journey when the phone is used by anyone.

Cosmic Journey Below the screen is also provided four touch buttons that can serve as the Home key, Menu, Back and Search. Five screens that can be used as a shortcut widgets and applications can also be added to suit your needs. Nexian Cosmic Journey has prepared a micro USB port to connect to a PC or charging the battery. Volume control is located on the right cell phone can be useful as zoom in or zoom out the camera. 


Nexian known to always make a phone that can be used by everyone. With the ease of the interface in Froyo, Nexian seemed to feel no need to make a variety of differences that will probably make users confused. Ease by setting various connections, such as network, Wi-Fi hotspots, Buetooth and mobile settings, can be arranged directly on the screen into two if you are sliding to the right.

While on the second screen on the left, there is a browser, music player, gallery recorder. As suggested by Nexian this screen to use widgets or entertainment applications. At the bottom of the screen there some navigation screen that tells you are viewing right now. On the right and left navigation button is visible across the phone and contacts.

Nexian known as one of the vendors remain loyal adherents of the dual mode system using the network on Android phones, including nokia Cosmic Journey. Course, this greatly helps the user in selecting a data packet which is best for them. Amid the war of tariffs and the trust that users will give different operators differently, you are more easily choose the best stability data from the operator.

Network connection is offered Nexian Cosmic Journey is a dual mode GSM. Currently there are five GSM operators that can be selected for use on this phone. Immigration between operators conducted by the users also can be done fairly easily. However, 1260mAh battery enough depleted by the use of dual sim card mode and coupled with the use of data all day long.


In addition to the applications available in Android Market has reached 250 thousand, Nexian Cosmic Journey has also been equipped with a variety of typical applications such as Urbanesia Indonesia and Cloudy that will help you find the various places of interest in Jakarta. It also some news sites such as Legal, CNN. To chat applications, Nexian has set apart Nexian Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger Whatsapp that can be used in multi-platform.


Cosmic Journey Nexian using powerful 600 MHz processor that we are pretty good value in running a simple application for Android novice users. Remarkably Google has designed Android to be able to identify the application that suits your hardware capabilities. But if you want to run applications, such as heavy gaming, of Nexian will soon prepare a more capable handsets in 2012.

This phone is targeted for the novice Android phone user who want to learn to use the new smartphone from Google. With a price not too expensive, this phone certainly has allure for some circles. If the phone system feature phone Nexian dual sim card mode not too feel the benefits, this time you can try the concept of a typical data connection Nexian with options to adjust the price and more stability in your pocket.

Price: $ 1.35 million

(+) Dual Mode

(+) Connection Settings

(+) Large Screen

(-) The processor is only 600MHz

  • Dual SIM Card
  • Quad band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
  • 2100 MHz WCDMA 900/1800 MHz
  • The touch screen 3.5-inch HVGA resolution
  • Dual 3 megapixel resolution camera, the main camera is equipped with LED flash
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Accelerometer sensor
  • V.6 ARM processor of 600 Mhz and 156.6 MB of RAM
  • FM radio
  • Android Froyo 2.2 (2.2.1) OS
  • GPS with A-GPS
  • 3.5mm standard audio jack

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