December 13, 2011

Nokia E6 Symbian Belle 'LEAKED' [Video]

Posted at 7:43 PM by admin
Some people on forums DailyMobile talking about the presence of a leak Belle Symbian for Nokia E6. I do not have more details than that I was not able to direct you to how to do it. You can read on at: Not sure if this message shows what the product code is available for Nokia E6. topic =? 58439.msg761040 # msg761040 Whether it's a process performed by a hacker or not, but at least for Nokia and Symbian users who want to get the latest updates, it looks like it will have to wait at the beginning of 2012, due in front of Symbian Belle officially landed.

But if you want to see the video's presence on the Nokia E6 Symbian Belle check the following video:

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