December 28, 2011

Sony Xperia Yu, 4 '5 MP' Camera Microstiching-Based

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Sony plans to develop a phone that is not the only dual camera, but 4 cameras and mobile phones is named Xperia Yu.

According to the concept, Yu Xperia will have 4 pieces 5MP camera which will be at the back of the phone that has an output of 16MP photos, and technology-based microstiching.

This smartphone will have a blue backlit feature, but the color is apparently not yet ascertained or there may be a feature to change the color.

Other additional features in this phone is the second OLED touch screen that is programmed to navigate quickly to display the UI. At the bottom of the phone there are 3 pieces of virtual buttons that are likely to be filled with shortcuts according to user preferences.

In addition, the Xperia Yu also supports additional lenses and external flash through the area with additional accessories compatible on mobile phones. Sony Xperia Yu also promised that this will be widely marketed.

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