December 13, 2011

WebOS 'Comeback'

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HP can re-make the mainstay of the new WebOS as a tablet in 2013. By using the new open-source platform for mobile devices is greater. After announcing the webOS platform will be open source and then confirmed that there are no immediate plans for the new WebOS devices, HP CEO Meg Whitman admitted in an interview with TechCrunch that the tablet will be developed using the OS Windows 8.

Windows 8 itself is the new Microsoft platform UI updated with its Metro. OS is claimed to have a clear advantage for HP, is directly compatible with laptops and desktops, and could be one alternative for tablet computers.

In addition, however, HP seems keen to "explore the viability of" webOS company said it "plans to remain active in the development and support of the webOS" but that "making webOS is open source WebOS platform will accelerate the development and application ecosystem."

Let's wait what will the WebOS comeback.

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