January 2, 2012

Dreamlinux 5.0 Final 'Free Download'

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Dreamlinux 5.0 Final 'Free Download'

Dreamlinux 5.0 Final 'Free Download' - The developers of Dreamlinux is pleased to announce on January 1, yesterday, the newest version 5.0 that has been able to download the operating system Dreamlinux 5.0.

Dreamlinux 5.0 Final 'Free Download' - With the interface like the Mac OS X, Debian-based distros Wheezy with features Linux kernel 3.1, Xfce 4.8, then the facility safe software updates can be done through a dist-upgrade, booting the system exclusively for faster startup, and 100% compatibility in Debian Testing .

Dreamlinux 5.0 Final 'Free Download' - "Incorporating Dreamlinux 5 to a flash memory device can be made in three ways: as a read-only image, such as DVDnya, making it ideal to simply boot and install Dreamlinux on hard disk internal or external; as a semi-persistent image, which is added to the flash memory device formatted vfat, without disturbing the existing files and data;! or in full mode-persistent-storage more attractive "

Dreamlinux 5.0 Final 'Free Download' - "And you can use this Dreamlinux without ever installing on your hard disk.! This will keep everything you do in the session of your life, such as installing a new program, configuration Dreamlinux to your liking, and beyond. "- So Dreamlinux informed on the homepage.

New features of Dreamlinux 5.0:
· Based on Debian 7 Wheezy (testing);

Linux Kernel 3.1
· Environment XFCE 4.8 desktop;
· Softmaker office suite (including Planmaker, Presentations and TextMaker and compatibility of MS Office documents); 

Dreamlinux 5.0 Final 'Free Download'
Dreamlinux 5.0 Final 'Free Download'

Chromium web browser;
· SMPlayer media player (including all the necessary multimedia codecs);
· Inkscape SVG graphics editor;
· The GIMP image editor;
· Imagination DVD Slideshow Maker;
· Shotwell Photo Manager;
· Ristretto image visualizer;
· FoxitReader PDF viewer;
· In-house, easy-to-use, simple, really fast, two-steps graphic installer;
· MKDistro, in-house CLI distro builder software to build Dreamlinux or Debian derivatives;
· Music Player Daemon music server;
· MiniDLNA media server;
· Apache 2;
· PHP 5;
· MySQL;
· Samba;
· Netatalk;
· TorrentFlux;
· SSH;
· Bluetooth support;
· Network-Manager;
· Avahi-Daemon (Bonjour);
· Preload;
· Fancontrol;
· Cpufreqd;
· Ruby Lua;
· Vala;
· Python;
· Perl

Dreamlinux 5.0 Final 'Free Download' - This OS can be installed in just 5 minutes, and the operating system requires a minimum of Dreamlinux 5.0 i686 32-bit CPU with 512 MB of system RAM, 8 GB of free hard drive space, DVD drive or USB flash drive.

Dreamlinux 5.0 Final 'Free Download'

Dreamlinux 5.0 Final 'Free Download' - For the uninitiated, Dreamlinux is a Brazilian Linuxdari distribution, based on Debian, which can boot directly into XFCE or GNOME, depending on user preference. OS uses a totally independent architecture called Flexiboost, based on the overlay module.

Dreamlinux 5.0 Final 'Free Download' - This allows co-existence of two or more different window managers that can be shared appearance. Manager can also menshare applications available.

Free Download Dreamlinux 5.0:

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