December 7, 2010

Google Maps for Mobile 5.0, Android | Add Offline Maps, Navigation, Dynamic Map Drawing

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Google Maps for Mobile 5.0, Android. The application improves some features that are already on the platform.

Most important from a functional perspective, the addition of online map cache. Google Maps for mobile is available in the map data stored on the device and will not work if data services are available. This assistant of Google Maps for Mobile Wi-Fi using only MID Android and tablets. In addition, Google confirmed that Google Maps navigation is also in the offline mode to work, including the basic functionality of deviation from the driving / walking off course.

The next version will also add dynamic 3D mapping for Android. This feature provides functionality similar to Google Earth from Google Maps, so it will display the standard map data with the depth and 3D building inspected. The feature is already partially implemented in Google Maps for turn-by-turn navigation, but is now available in the standard map view.

Google has announced that it would be out of line card features for Android 2.0 and later devices available while dynamic map requires a unity of view of efficiency. Google issue an initial list, some in the media, but it seems incomplete (for example, listed Galaxy Nexus S and S are incredible with droid, but the droid is incredibly similar counterpart, the Nexus One of them was List missing). EVO 4G and T-Mobile G2 have also been mentioned, along with the entire family of devices DROID (excluding Droid Eris).

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