December 7, 2010

Lenovo S800, Best Transparent Display

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Transparent screen phone looks very attractive. One of them filmed the Lenovo, the exhibited during the event Fashion Show in China. Unfortunately, the S800 Cell Phone Lenovo is labeled as the model of change, not to allow journalists to keep or continue.

Party claims that the S800 Lenovo's first mobile phone, color screen is transparent. so the picture / menu screen shown in color. As a result, not as transparent screen Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness (X5), which only displays the grayscale (black and white).

In contrast to the screen Xperia Pureness, running Lenovo S800 larger screen. For this camera does not embed true, as Xperia Pureness. Maybe the camera will not work as attractive when the field is not viewfindernya color screen.

However, in the information, to make sure the color depth display Lenovo S800 is unknown. However, point out some observations which show that the phone, the color is pink. Therefore, we expect the official announcement by Lenovo.

For the record, Sony Ericsson Pureness X5 make it less successful in the market. Therefore, we hope that with the technology of transparent color screen, Lenovo S800 can 'fight' better.

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