April 5, 2011

Liza Moon: Infect Millions Site

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LizaMoon, malicious code attacks that infect millions of websites.

LizaMoon affects nearly 4 million sites. Most have features of a feed, connected to Apple's iTunes.

Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500), designed iTunes to automatically neutralize the threat LizaMoon, iTunes users exposed to malware small risk.

Websense said that LizaMoon update. "Wetrying to to identify the larger system and the sites affected .When viewing the content links on itunes.apple.com ,actually people do not realize that the script in the link is not working ."

LizaMoon is the code of SQL injection attacks. The web application used to inject malicious code into the site. If exposed, they will be redirected to the malicious web site, which tries to install a scareware file.

This file produces a warning message that their computer is infected with the virus and offer antivirus software.

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