April 5, 2011

LizaMoon: SQL Malicious, Don't Install

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LizaMoon attacks designed to direct the user's browser to a rogue security malware that has infected hundreds of thousands of pages on the internet site and links found in Apple's iTunes.

Lizamoon, malicious programming language that uses SQL (Structured Query Language), in order to access the data in the data base.

Solutions, for malicious code attacks (malicious) did not infect the computer, do not install a file that is not known. Users must know the existing antivirus programs on computer systems, and suspicious when scanning files.

LizaMoon, attack directly take the user site to a dummy page, which contained a link, to scan anti-virus and anti malware on the computer. LizaMoon can not infect a computer, unless the user clicks on that link.

Users of this site should perform a virus scan for Windows Explorer on browser. You must download the files through Windows Explorer that uses standard file download prompt.

When running software such as Microsoft Security Essentials, Sophos Anti-Virus or SuperAntiSpyware, then it says 'Your computer is compromised!'. And ask users to download. When in fact Malware.

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