May 3, 2011

Google Chrome 11: Change Conversation being Text

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Google released Chrome 11. Chrome 11 can be downloaded free for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Chrome 11 has the ability to change the conversation into text, helping people who have difficulty speaking, using the keyboard and supported by Google Translate.

Chrome 11 based HTML 5 and equipped with a microphone icon on the page of your site. Click on the icon and speak into the microphone. Then record the input as text, will be entered into the browser automatically into the form fields are available.

When testing the Google Translate, click the microphone icon. At the time of writing, a microphone and a voice for HTML features appear and work only in English.

Chrome 11, there are 3D CSS, bug fixes, security updates for Adobe Flash. Users who use Chrome could be in line with changes in Firefox 4.

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