May 8, 2011

Google Images: Malware Infected

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Google Images has been infected with malware. The results SANS Internet Storm Center, many images are included in Google Images has been infected with malware. To prevent, users must download an antivirus program.

The images is becoming a trend, cartilage infiltrated malware. Users are usually directly clicking on the thumbnail or browser that may have been infected.

SANS says more than 5,000 sites have been hack. While the number of users visit an average of half a million people every day.

Google spokesman, Jay Nancarrow explain Krebs security company hired by Google has been working actively to detect the malware that go into Google Images.

Bojan Zdrnja IT Researchers have developed a Firefox add-on, which displays images of infection, with the color red border. However, this application has not been marketed.

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