June 15, 2011

Apple iOS 5: Steve Jobs Announce New Features for iCloud

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New features will be a mainstay of Apple's latest operating system, iOS 5. The new fitu presented by Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, WWDC 2011 in San Francisco.

"We can not wait to see what our developers are doing with the new API 1500," said Steve Jobs. "An important feature is the iOS 5 is built to work seamlessly with iCloud in Post-PC revolution is Apple's lead," said Steve, World News report.

iOS 5 new features:

Notification Center
Innovative way to easily view and organize notifications in one place without interruption. Looking at the text message, missed call, warning of the calendars and applications as well as other things.

Functioning like a chat application. Enables users to send each other text messages, photos, videos and contact information.

Bookshelf which provides a new way of buying and managing digital subscription to newspapers and magazines.

PC Free
Get software updates over the air without connecting to a computer.

Camera and photo applications.
Users can take pictures by using the volume-up button. Process images in the photo application with the IOS operating system 5.

Tweet directly through Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube, or Maps.

Besides the features mentioned above, the reminder feature, game center, mail, calendar, and others, is also changing.

At Apple's WWDC conference, iOS 5 Beta release launched with 200 new features that will be available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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