December 1, 2011

Spotify back to launch Music Platform

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Music streaming service Spotify has a big dream to change the music industry. Now the whole world has been dominated by iTunes service with a $ 0.99-per-song, Spotify is aiming to dominate the subscription model as a platform to launch different applications that can be used.

In a media event in New York, Spotify has launched the "New Direction" for streaming media services that will come. Spotify possibility of relaunching the service as a music platform, which would be ideal, given the new partnership with Facebook at the f8 conference.

Spotify has launched an API that developers can be accessed by using HTML5 and JavaScript. With the API, mobile applications, web and various desktop can basically play music from Spotify, which makes music platform services from other developers can contribute to build. With the new API, users can access streaming music from Spotify through applications such as, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Billboard, Songkick, the Guardian and others.

A new version of Spotify client has also been launched, which includes features content curation, where Rolling Stone will release a new playlist every day. The new version of Spotify client also has a search application that lets users search for new applications to be built on the platform Spotify.

Spotify said the service had been reduced music piracy in some regions of Europe (especially Sweden) as much as 25%. Service currently has 10 million users, 2.5 million paying customers. This service offers a tiered scheme, in which users can freely access the streaming music on the web, while paying customers can access their music from mobile apps and while offline. Spotify is currently offering 15 million songs and adding 20,000 tracks per day.

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