December 1, 2011

BlackBerry London change to Surfboard

Posted at 8:09 PM by admin
Remember once discussed about the leaking of a picture of BlackBerry London that uses a BBX OS? Rumor has it that it became the first BlackBerry that uses BBX operating system.

As shown in the image of the BlackBerry London changed its name to the BlackBerry rumors Surfboard. But because everything is still a rumor, until now no one has been able to confirm the truth of this rumor.

But does look strange if his name surfboard? In the Indonesian language which means the surf board but if the view is not shaped like surf board. But rumors saying that a company supplies surfing "BodyGlove and Billabong have entered in the list of RIM to sponsor the event USA Surf-fest for the introduction new device. Could BlackBerry is in question?

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