December 1, 2011

Intel Microprocessors Birthday

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Forty years ago, Intel Corp.. introduced, first in the world's first commercial microprocessor in the world-intel-4004 triggered the start of the digital revolution. Most people never see the microprocessor, whereas devices that contain microprocessors have been highly integrated into everyday life, making it a very important part.

"Microprocessors from Intel help enable the digital revolution. This tiny but powerful chip making business more productive activities, enrich students education throughout the world and close to one another through video conferencing and social media, allowing us to share our lives with friends and family, wherever they are, "Navin Shenoy , VP of Intel's Sales & Marketing Group & General Manager, Intel Asia-Pacific.

At the same time, Intel is also celebrating 15 years of Intel's presence in Indonesia. So far Intel has supported Indonesia's mission to create an innovation-based economy and cooperating with the government and its partner Intel to eliminate the digital divide, helping bring the benefits and computing to millions of people across Indonesia.

"Indonesia is an important market, and Intel really appreciate the relationship with partners and customers in Indonesia. We hope to continue this cooperation in the years that followed, and embody our shared mission to Indonesia that are connected, "says Shenoy.

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